Make your vote count for the United Kingdom Youth Parliament

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The time has come for young people to consider who they wish to represent them on a national basis.

For the process for the United Kingdom Youth Parliament elections has begun.

This means that the young people of Portsmouth will have the opportunity to vote for their new Member of Youth Parliament from February 4-17.

It is understood that Kay Sutherland, the current Member of the Youth Parl-iament, is nominating herself again to represent the city’s youngsters.

The role of a Member of Youth Parliament is to attend quarterly regional conventions and an annual sitting and debate at the House of Commons.

Now is the time for you as a young person to stand up and vote for the person you would like to give you a voice.

As with all elections, it’s important to make sure you have your say. It’s your chance to elect the person who will address the changes and improvements you would like to see.

Last year, more than 3000 young people voted for the Members of Youth Parliament and the awareness of the body continues to expand.

Together, we can make 2013 an even bigger year and make sure we are represented by the very best.

Who will get your vote?