Marlene takes the words ‘cat lady’ to a whole new level

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Not being a massive fan of cats, I was interested to read about the lady who spends £700 a month on her 40 Persian moggies.

That’s more than a lot of people pay on a mortgage! Marlene Howes, 67, certainly takes the words ‘cat lady’ to a whole new level.

She said she’s ‘a slave to her cats’ and ‘would do anything for them’.

The first thing I thought of before I even started reading the story was that I bet her house stinks.

Apparently, the cats get the best food and the best beds.

Those cats have been pampered too much. I’ve seen some photos and they’ve got a sort of dictator-set-on-global-domination look in their eyes.

Marlene reportedly split up with her husband after she chose the cats over him. I think he’s had a lucky escape.