Mary Rose link can be built on by Prince Harry

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His father famously dived into the Solent to take a closer look at the wreckage of the Mary Rose.

Who would have thought that more than three decades later the son of the Prince of Wales would return to re-establish this Royal connection?

Prince Harry must feel very proud to find himself following in his father’s footsteps.

Laying the foundation stone of the new £35m Mary Rose Museum was a prestigious job and all those connected to the project will have felt honoured when he agreed to do it.

We are certain they will have been delighted about the way this young Prince took to the job as well. He showed he was happy to share a smile here and a laugh there and demonstrated a genuine and touching interest in his father’s diving trips.

A lot of work has gone in to reaching this museum’s milestone – both behind the scenes and in public view – and it is great to see that the project continues to pick up momentum as it moves ever-closer to becoming a reality.

There have been challenges for them all along the way but their dedication to Henry VIII’s flagship and its preservation has not wavered and will soon pay off.

When the museum opens this city will have another reason to stand tall, safe in the knowledge that our rich maritime heritage is truly world-class.

The museum will undoubtedly act as a magnet, drawing in people from all over to marvel at the ship’s wreckage and the treasured artefacts that were uncovered.

We are the home of the Royal Navy and proud of that fact. That’s been shown time and again – most recently by the thousands of people who turned out to say goodbye to the Ark Royal.

Having done such a brilliant job, we sincerely hope that Prince Harry will now want to develop this burgeoning relationship.

It would be great to see him carry on this special attachment, picking up the baton from his father.

Yesterday we saw the museum’s foundation stone being laid. Let’s hope that Prince Harry can build on that as the Mary Rose looks ahead to this new chapter.