Maybe I’m making excuses for being too starstruck

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Acouple of weeks ago, on the way back from holiday in France, I encountered a real-life celeb on board a Brittany ferry!

It was the one and only Hairy Biker and 2014 Strictly contestant Dave Myers.

She agreed, the ice was broken and I got a great picture of her with her arm around me

He was clearly on holiday with his kids and although I’d have loved to go up and chat, I thought it was a bit unfair to interrupt his holiday.

But I told Jez about the encounter when I got back and he said I’m completely mad for not getting a selfie with him, holiday or not.

I’ve done this before: I was once sat on a train in the seat in front of Ruby Wax.

I busied myself with my book and kept quiet, but couldn’t help hearing her phone conversation about her spa weekend and which university her daughter had got into.

I’m sure Jez would think me mad for not popping my head round and saying hi, but it just seemed a bit intrusive.

Even celebs need to have time off sometimes. On the other hand, I’m sure everyone else does it, so one more isn’t going to make any difference.

Perhaps I’m just making excuses for being too starstruck!

Jez: I was so annoyed with Lou for not getting a selfie with Dave Myers when she saw him on the ferry. I love the Hairy Bikers, they’re culinary legends!

I reckon this is a decision she will come to regret in later life. I remember attending The Brits in March 2002 and having a close encounter with Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

I was a big fan but was too embarrassed to say anything. Luckily my colleague approached Sophie and asked if she would have her photo taken with me.

She agreed, the ice was broken and I got a great picture of her with her arm around me.

To this day I keep that photo in a safe place, I’m so grateful that my colleague made it happen.

Another close encounter I had was on a Eurostar train to Brussels where Michael Portillo was filming his TV programme about railway journeys.

I came very close to saying hello but my wife intervened and said no.

I still feel gutted that I was denied some famous train chat.