Maybe my radio story does have something to offer

Wave 105 radio presenter

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 6:01 am
Rick Jackson in his Power FM days

I’m slightly worried as I don’t think I’m a particularly good advert for further education considering I left school at 16 with no qualifications whatsoever.

I’m wondering what pearls of wisdom I could possibly offer them? What inspiration could I possibly give?

Then again, I suppose I can prove what passion, hard work and determination can achieve, even though most radio presenters get their break through a mixture of ability, staying power and luck!

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The options for someone studying media in the 1980s on the Isle of Wight were zero.

I loved middle school but by 13 I was at a much bigger high school and found it easier to fall below the radar and coast along.

By 1989, I’d already secured an apprenticeship with the local bus company as a coach painter, so I didn’t bother revising for my GCSEs and left with grades D and lower.

By 1991 I found a passion – radio presenting.

I joined the hospital radio service on the island and, by a stroke of luck, was invited to the new radio station on the island, Isle of Wight Radio.

I threw myself into this, volunteering for everything I could. I loved just being in the station, making the tea and taking every opportunity I could.

Eventually, I got my own show.

Once a week, I hosted a ’70s music show on a Sunday evening.

I didn’t know most of the songs I was playing, but I loved it.

The buzz of hearing yourself through the headphones on live radio makes you feel so alive.

I’d get to the station in the morning and lock the place up last thing at night. During 1994, at the age of 21, I was hosting the breakfast show.

A move to the mainland had to happen and after six months working in Bournemouth, I landed a job at Power FM in 1996.

The rest is history.

So maybe my story does have something to offer?


Even though they knocked Pompey out of the play-offs in 1994, this weekend I’m a Leicester City fan.

If they beat Manchester United at Old Trafford, the unthinkable will happen. They will be champions!

A team without any star names and assembled for less than the cost of Man Utd’s Anthony Martial. Who? Exactly! This is a truly incredible football story and with stellar managers like Pep Guardiola arriving next season, it will never happen again.

The last time something like this happened was in 1978 when Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest won the league the season after they were promoted from the Second Division. The following season they won the European Cup.

Could history repeat itself?


Could I have just saved myself £9 a month? With two kids under two, saving every penny seems like a good idea, so I’ve cut my own hair.

What I haven’t done is clip my hair grade four all over. What I have done is borrow my wife’s nail scissors, looked in the mirror and tried to copy the actions of a hairdresser, grabbing hair between two fingers and cutting along the top!

Ten minutes of hacking away and I feel the results are superb.

Many have complimented me on my new style.

But I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.

Sadly, the mess created and the blood produced by missing my hair and cutting my fingers instead has made me realise there are better ways to save £9!