Maybe we should be rewarding mums-to-be who don’t smoke

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Apparently one in four pregnant women still smoke, causing approximately 5,000 babies to die in the womb or just after birth each year.

Doctors have said that pregnant women are twice as likely to stop smoking if they are bribed with financial incentives.

So some pregnant women won’t give up smoking for the wellbeing of their unborn children, but will for some Primark vouchers!

What marvellous parents they’re going to make. So much for having your priorities right.

Don’t think about the damage you might well be doing to your unborn child whilst you sit on the sofa puffing on your Superkings lights.

But hey, some new leggings would look great. Better stop smoking and you’ll get some vouchers.

If quitting smoking for the health of your child isn’t incentive enough, then you shouldn’t be giving birth.

How warped is the society that we live in if you have to pay a mother in order to keep her baby healthy?

I find it disgusting. I just can’t see what better reason someone has to give up than pregnancy.

It’s a sad indictment of today’s world that, to some, money is more important than health.

If after a baby was born, you provided him or her with cigarettes to smoke, I imagine you would be subject to some kind of criminal charges.

How is the situation of smoking whilst pregnant really any different?

What sort of rewards are there for the mothers that have never smoked? Maybe the government should start rewarding them.

It really is a disgrace that people are given money to stop smoking when, at the same time, the NHS is withdrawing money for cancer drugs.

Why not just give them cash to stop drinking too? It’s madness, it really is.

I understand the government is going to make it illegal to smoke in the car with children present, so shouldn’t it be illegal to smoke with a baby inside you?

How about instead of giving someone £400 to stop smoking, hand out £400 fines for smoking whilst pregnant instead? That might just have an effect.