McCartney’s son should let it be

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Paul McCartney’s son, James, says he would be interested in starting a second-generation Beatles band with John Lennon’s son Sean, George Harrison’s son Dhani and Ringo Starr’s son Zak.

There’s only one problem: ‘I don’t think it’s something Zak wants to do,’ James admitted. Already they can’t agree and they’re not even a band. As ideas go, this is right up there with Muppet Babies and Scrappy Doo. Let it be, kids.

A female fan of The Wanted kissed each member of the band whilst blindfolded and could identify each one. Kids parties have obviously come a long way from pin the tail on the donkey.

One Direction have reportedly set up extra security measures to remove pigeons from their US tour because Niall Horan has a really bad phobia of the birds. One firm has already failed to stop the pigeons, so Dick Dastardly and Muttley have had their contract cancelled. Meanwhile, the boys are to headline Madison Square Garden in New York this December.

Madonna’s MDNA album is the number one album in the US. It achieved this feat because the album is bundled with her concert ticket sales. So for every ticket sold online, purchasers automatically receive a copy of MDNA. Hey, she didn’t last 70 years in show business without knowing a trick or two!

She has also become the most successful solo artist in the British album charts after landing her 12th number one and overtaking Elvis Presley, who reached the top 11 times.

Arguments between Mel B and Mel C are holding-up the Spice Girls musical being written by comedienne and Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders. So every cloud does have a silver lining.

Professor Green claims he would punch someone in the face if they challenged him to a rap battle. The Read All About It hitmaker started his career as a freestyle battle rapper, but hasn’t practised the discipline for a long time, and doesn’t like being asked to do it.

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