Me and rides have never been friends

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Theme parks and thrill rides have never really been my thing.

I think I was put off by an experience at Southsea fun fair when I was a child.

A go on the waltzers ended up with my face turning white and then I proceeded to be sick all over the floor.

I was also quite a travel sick child.

Many journeys in cars, coaches and trains would involve me carrying several sick bags and that’s stayed with me into adulthood.

When I was a teenager and I joined my mates on days out at Alton Towers and Chessington World Of Adventures, I was the one who would be stood behind the safety bars, holding bags and coats.

My friends, meanwhile, would be being thrown and spun through the air on the latest thrilling ride.

I was completely happy on the sidelines as I knew how I would feel the moment I stepped off the ride and that it wouldn’t be a nice feeling.

I was reminded of these childhood memories last weekend when, as part of my role as a presenter on Heart radio, I was asked to join some competition winners at Paultons Park.

I was pleased to be able to take my partner Serena and our two girls with me.

This would be the girls’ first time at a theme park and I was looking forward to seeing how willing they would be to go on the rides, or if they would even want to go on them at all.

Our youngest daughter, Alyssa, enjoyed some of the slower rides designed for younger children.

To be honest, these are my kinds of ride with no travel sickness bags necessary.

But our eldest daughter Caitlin was looking for something a bit faster and she spotted something calling itself the dragon roundabout.

As she is under six she had to be accompanied by an adult and, feeling brave, I found myself stepping forward.

This is a family theme park after all, so surely a go on this ride would not give me the same sick feeling as the waltzers did all those years ago?

Anyway, I’d been on roundabouts in the playground when I was younger and they never made me feel sick so surely I’d be okay. Although the word dragon did worry me a bit, suggesting that this wasn’t going to be the same as one of those rides at the playground that you can jump off at any time.

So we joined the queue and then took our positions on the ride.

I was pleased that Caitlin loved every second of being spun around in both directions at a considerable speed and wanted to have a second go and then a third.

Let’s just say my face once again turned an embarrassing shade of white.

I think I’ll stick to holding the coats and bags in future.