Meet Lego man, the choochy guy who has become my bit of rough

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Psst. Folks, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve got a bit of a thing for hunky, muscle-bound, tattooed men. What we used to call in my yoof ‘a nice bit of rough dear’.

It all started when I was 17 and turned up at my parents’ suburban bungalow with a hunky ex-con nightclub promoter.

Beaming a loved-up smile at the cushion plumper (my ma), I purred ‘I’m going to marry him’.

My mother was rendered speechless.

She’d spent a fortune on my private education, and I was going to marry ‘this’.

Back in the 1960s, nice girls didn’t marry blokes with ‘love’ and ‘hate’ on their knuckles, and prison dots on their thumbs.

I was married at 18 and divorced at 21.

So it was surprising that last Saturday at an Aids awareness evening that a small, cute, choochy fella stole my heart.

I was out the back of the Art Stop cafe in Eastney Community Centre when I saw a bloke crouched on the ground flicking a lighter.

Very unnerving.

Being a Warrior Goddess with bazoompahs of steel, I went to investigate.

The man said: ‘Don’t worry I’m not dodgy. I’m just trying to light ‘his’ sparkler.

What ‘he’? I couldn’t see anyone.

The man continued: ‘He’s a little Lego man, and he’s got more than 700 followers on Facebook.’

Yeah right, I thought, not dodgy – just a nutter.

The strange man went on to say: ‘He’s been in The News and two national newspapers.’

It turns out the man is the charming Andrew Whyte.

He’s a professional photographer, and the little Lego man also has a ‘camera’ and takes ‘photos’.

Soooooo adorable.

More details on or view on Facebook.

The Red Alert Aids awareness talk by the delightful pink-haired Mandy Webb was very inspirational.

She’s made a 6,000 red-ribboned Southern Belle-style dress to represent the thousands of people who have died from Aids.

Mandy (who is HIV positive) is hoping to tour the dress around the UK, starting with her home town of Portsmouth, to make people aware that new cases of Aids are still being diagnosed every day.

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