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Sue Jame from Global Justice Now is supporting One World Week
Sue Jame from Global Justice Now is supporting One World Week
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Columnist Sue James is the chairman of Global Justice Now. Here she talks about the upcoming One World Week and how you can get involved.

One World Week, which runs from October 23 to 30, is a time to make new friends and contacts, to appreciate living in a diverse world and to learn more about global issues.

The theme for 2016 is Including You and across south east Hampshire, groups are working together to put on a range of events.

Some are about getting to know groups from different communities, but two large events in Portsmouth are focused on migration and what we can do to help, both locally and overseas.

Refugees and displaced people are set to top 65 million this year, which is horrifying.

These people have been forced to move because of wars, droughts or loss of land and they are often experiencing nightmarish journeys as they try to find new homes.

Many have lost touch with relatives, been robbed or raped and need to find safe places to recover.

There are lots of groups in Portsmouth trying to help and the One World Week events will highlight what they are doing,and also how people can get involved.

The main public event is on Wednesday October 26, at 7.30pm at St Thomas Cathedral, Old Portsmouth.

The speakers will be Michael Woolley from Friends without Borders, Julia Thistleton-Smith from the Rural Refugee Trust, Jess Gealer Modern Slavery Partnership and John Bosco Nyombi, a refugee from Uganda.

The talks will be followed by a discussion and ideas for helping will be shared before drinks and world nibbles. Groups working with refugees will have information stalls and ways of getting involved.

On Saturday, October 29, there’s a One World Week celebration at the Discovery Centre, St John’s Cathedral, Bishop Crispian Way.

There will be international food, music, games and crafts. The event is free but you do need a ticket available from

Apart from putting on events, the One World Week group are collecting information about what groups can offer and this information is available on the new Campaigns Exchange website for Portsmouth.

On Friday October 28, the Parish Centre Church of Sacred Heart & St Peter the Apostle, in London Road, Waterlooville, will be hosting an international family food evening.

There are also events in Fareham and Gosport.

You can find a full list of all the One World Week events on the site too. For the full list go to