Memories of camels, souks and partying Pink Ladies

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Cheryl Gibbs

Those who doubted that Morocco would be a fab place to have a pre-wedding celebration are seriously eating humble pie now.

I reckon it rivalled places in Ibiza and that’s saying something!

You can imagine we had it all before we left . Everyone was telling us we were mad to go there, that we wouldn’t be able to drink and the country’s really reserved and would frown upon a bunch of girls going out there to party.

Well, they couldn’t have been more wrong!

Honestly, it was such a brilliant destination to have a hen do.

We did everything from partying ’til 3am (on more than one occasion, I’d like to add) and dressing up in traditional Moroccan outfits to go on an evening camel trek (I also wore my hen do bridal veil – well, it had to be done didn’t it?) to mountain trekking to a natural lake and waterfall and visiting the local souks.

What I loved most about it were the people. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of them.

The Moroccans are so unbelievably friendly and kind.

We didn’t go to Marrakesh, instead opting for Agadir, which is said to be less touristy.

For that reason, I knew it could have potentially been more reserved. But it certainly wasn’t.

No matter where we went, people wanted to talk to us – men and women.

I remember being in the English Pub (which is actually run by a Moroccan, not an Englishman) and it was the most amazing venue in which to party.

I reckon it rivalled places in Ibiza and that’s saying something!

This was one of the nights we really went to town – literally – and we all had matching hen do t-shirts on.

I wore my veil again and within five minutes of arriving we were known as the ‘Pink Ladies’ and everyone just wanted to come and say ‘hi’ and offer their congratulations.

I couldn’t have asked for a better hen do and I couldn’t have asked for better people to share it with.

Now bring on the wedding!