Men and household chores? That idea fell into a vacuum

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Astudy revealed this week that the secret to a long and happy relationship isn’t buying your other half expensive gifts, instead it’s simply sharing out the household chores. As is often the case we had very different views on this.

Lou says: My boyfriend and I have never been particularly bothered about spending a fortune on presents for each other, but he is pretty good when it comes to helping around the house. At least I hope he is!

We’re moving in together at the end of the month and I fully expect us to share the household chores out pretty equally. I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom, and he’s a pro when it comes to washing up, so I reckon we make a pretty good team.

But when I asked Jez whether he’s a gift buyer or a house husband his response was pitiful. Not only does he never bring home flowers, but he also leaves all the housework to the missus.

Apparently he sometimes puts the washing out and loads the dishwasher, but he couldn’t remember the last time he Hoovered, and he has never, I repeat never, cleaned the bathroom.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Anyone who knows Jez will tell you he’s not exactly what you’d call a modern man, but if I were his wife I wouldn’t stand for it.

He did seem quite ashamed at how little he does around the house but as yet I’ve not heard anything about him changing his ways.

Jez says: When I first heard this report I thought it was good news, expensive bunches of flowers and diamond rings are apparently not required. That was until Lou decided to put my romance levels to the test and started running through a list of household chores.

She was shocked to discover I have never, ever, cleaned the bathroom in any of the houses I have owned. Unfortunately I must admit I cannot remember the last time I used the vacuum cleaner either.

Sara my long-suffering wife, takes care of these chores. Jobs I enjoy doing are mowing the lawn, cleaning the car, putting the bins out and my absolute favourite is cooking on the barbecue.

But next year on Valentine’s Day instead of spending hundreds on flowers and gifts, I’ll be reaching for the Hoover.