Messiah Osama Hitler – a name not to conjure with

Mind-reading - a terrifying prospect.

BLAISE TAPP: Thought Police will have a field day with our minds

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I learned this week, as Harry and Amelia top the nation’s names in England and Wales for the second year, that some names are banned in other countries.

For example, no one is allowed to name their child Hitler in Germany and it’s against the rules to call your offspring Osama Bin Laden in certain parts of the world.

Messiah is not allowed in Texas (I wonder what Madonna is known as there?) and in some places it’s up to the registrar to raise unsuitable names with the courts, to ostentatiously protect the children.

That must be a very subjective process.

I’m not sure I could perform the censorial function. After all with the vagaries of my name and those in my family, who am I to pass judgment?