Miley’s move is nothing new – the twerk has been around for yonks

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Ibet it’s some sort of smutty tweeting (tweet – 140-character mobile phone text message).

That’ll be what it is – cos this aged Goddess of the Saturday column is up wiv da kids. No flies under this pink barnet, dear.

I’ve been hearing the word ‘twerk’ on the gogglebox over the last few weeks.

And every time a TV presenter or games show host mentioned ‘twerk’, ‘do you twerk?’, ‘well you could just twerk’, it was always accompanied with a bit of a nudge, nudge, wink.

So being an afficionado of ‘yoofspeak’ – ‘wick-ed’, ‘innit’ etc, my little grey 
cells deduced ‘twerk’ was smutty tweeting.

Except when I Googled ‘twerk’ on Sunday. Eee slap my wobbly bits, I’m a ‘twerker’.

Let me explain folks.

It appears that at August’s MTV Music Awards Miley Cyrus caused quite a hullabaloo with her energetic and suggestive twerking.

Okay folks, on your feet.

Drop down on to your haunches, open knees wide, feet pointing out, then shake your nether regions up and down at speed.

That’s twerking.

So what’s all the fuss about? That move has been around forever.

For over 20 years R&B and hip-hop dancers have ‘booty bounced’ their ample derrieres dear.

And unbeknown to me, using a yoga pose in my cool-down, me and my Zumba goddesses are doing a basic form of twerking. No wonder we giggle when we do it.

Anyway back to all the furore twerking has caused recently.

Miley Cyrus’s provocative twerking has outraged parents despairing of its sexual overtones influencing their young daughters.

Trouble is, young girls have always been starstruck by the latest pop princess.

Today it’s Lady Gaga, in my day it was Dusty Springfield.

Thing is now, it’s not all about the voice. It’s shock value and marketing hype.

Do go to YouTube and view ‘Elders react to Twerking’. American golden oldies – it’s a scream.

Anyway folks, no twerking for me today, I’m off to a drumming workshop in St Swithun church in Southsea.

Drumming is very good 
for you, therapeutic even. Omm!