Millions of us blokes can multitask '“ Blaise Tapp

We live in an era where we are encouraged to believe anybody can achieve anything.

Friday, 24th August 2018, 1:04 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:16 pm
Alex Scott has breached the last bastion of blokedom - football punditry

We tell our kids that with hard work they can be whatever they want.

During the past 50 or so years the glass ceiling, although far from being smashed, has been given a really good kicking.

Yes, the world could do with a few more female leaders, both of the political and business variety, but I am glad I am father to a young girl now rather than in the 1980s.

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Earlier this month, that last bastion of blokedom, football punditry, was well and truly breached when Sky Sports introduced a female voice to its team, the former England player Alex Scott '“ and she shone.

In the grand scheme of things, having a woman talking a higher standard of cobblers about a Premier League game than many of her male counterparts doesn't seem like the biggest of deals, but it is a move which would've been unthinkable even three years ago.

The way things used to be is slowly being forgotten although the odd exception still remains, including that old favourite that men can't multitask.

It has been accepted that the gruffer sex are far more comfortable with doing just one job at a time.

But last week it was the turn of Tory MP Tom Tugendhat to show the world that he could juggle as well as any woman. 

He admitted changing nappies while conducting radio interviews about matters of state, including during appearances on the Today programme.

His revelation was so interesting to some that Today did a follow up piece on it and invited him to join a panel discussion, during which fellow panellists (women) said mums would not feel the need to boast about such a thing, given that they do it all the time.

Tugendhat made the great point that humans have the ability to do more than one thing at once, but it is just that some people do it better.

As a working dad, who is regular on the school run and the dominant figure in our kitchen, I know a thing or two about multitasking, as do millions of other juggling blokes.