Missing teddy causes panic

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One night last week panic struck the Hayden household.

It was evening and my two daughters had just changed into their pyjamas and a few drawn-out yawns meant they were ready to jump into their beds and get comfy under their duvets for roughly 12 hours of sleep.

The bedtime routine seemed to be going smoothly.

Off we travelled up the stairs, firstly into Alyssa’s room where she found her monkey teddy and got into bed.

One down, one to go. Next Caitlin, as usual, jumped into bed and asked to be tucked in. But then she noticed something wasn’t right, something was missing.

Her teddy, which she has cuddled in bed since she was a new born, was nowhere to be seen.

Let the panic begin. Caitlin wouldn’t settle without her beloved teddy so it had to be found.

The house was turned upside down and I was considering calling the missing persons helpline, but thankfully the soft toy had mistakenly been put in the toy box with all the others.