Mixed feelings on a weighty issue

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The comment ‘ooh, aren’t you fat?’ may soon be consigned to history.There are whispers in the corridors of political correctness that calling another person fat could be considered as bad as racism.

Well, I have mixed feelings on this one.

First of all, it’s a pig ignorant thing to say and, in some cases, bullying and cruel.

Having battled with the bulge for 50 years, I get sick to death of people telling me I’ve put on weight. Like I don’t know!

Thirty years ago, my wide beam waddling alongside The Cushion Plumper (my Ma), we bumped into a pal of hers we hadn’t seen for years.

Within seconds the woman eyeballed me and said ‘and haven’t you put on weight?’

Folks, having a black belt in tongue-fu, I snapped back; ‘And haven’t you got old and wrinkly?’

Well, The Cushion Plumper flipped, insisting that I apologise.

Which I refused to do, maintaining the ‘pal’ had made a personal (albeit true) and rude comment and I was just returning the personal (and true) compliment.

Through my life I’ve seen people devastated by fattist remarks.

Two of the nastiest I had was ‘watch out it’s the beached whale’, and ‘could you move, you’re blocking out the sun’.

Titter ye not folks.

Although my little grey cells work at warp speed and I shoot from the lip with a smartypants retort, inside my spirit is crushed.

Fat people know they are fat, they don’t need you telling them.

But let’s get real here. As a nation we’re getting fatter. Have you seen TV’s The Biggest Loser and Fat Families?

Fighting the flab is hard work, but all that excess blubber can result in health complications, like heart disease and diabetes.

When I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I became a Zumba instructor and shed three stone. But I’ve still got more weight to lose.

Being called fat may upset you, but being fat might just kill you.