Mobile phone users should be thrown out of theatres

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Mobile phones have become quite an addiction in recent years. But the more the boffins advance with technology the worse they seem to get.

I wish I had a pound for every person who has collided with me on the street while engrossed in their handset, oblivious to everything and everyone around them.

I’ve even witnessed folks crossing the road without even glancing up while traffic dodges dangerously to avoid hitting them.

Mobiles obviously have their uses and if you are anything like me you don’t leave the house in the morning without first checking you have your purse, keys and, yep, that mobile. Not so long ago it was just two things: keys in one pocket, purse in another.

Mobile devices have evolved so much – they’re not just for talking to one another any more. Oh no. You can run your entire life by an app if you let it, never mind the burgeoning world of social media.

Go to any airport and you won’t fail to notice that as soon as passengers get off a plane the first thing they do is switch on their phones.

Besides aircraft there are a number of places where it is frowned upon to use your phone. While filling up your car at a petrol station is one, while another place where it’s not permitted is in the Post Office.

How I wish they would add another to the list – the theatre. Working in two venues, I’ve noticed it’s rare for a show to pass without having to tell a person off for using their phone during a performance.

Not only does it show no thought or respect for other audience members, but it also displays a distinct lack of courtesy for the performers who have probably spent months working on a show and are trying to give you a great night out.

I think it’s about time notices and announcements were given out and printed on tickets telling people in no uncertain terms that anyone caught using their mobile will be ejected immediately. Once word gets around, far fewer people will indulge in it.

If you can’t survive a few hours without your phone, then don’t go to see a show in the first place.