Mobiles are here to stay

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Much is talked about the use of mobile phones in schools and some think to ban them from schools universally would be a good move. Others agree and if you read the many comments on the major newspapers’ websites you would think that most of the country are in agreement.

I have thought about this. I worked in a school which in general banned children from bringing their phone to school and, if in exceptional circumstances they needed it for the journey to and from school, there was a complicated process of handing in the device and retrieving it at the end of the school day.

I am glad that as far as I am concerned that kind of draconian rule is not needed in the PHS type of school. Our girls know that there is a code of behaviour expected over the use of their phone in school. They know that it is only to be used outside of lessons unless it is being used as part of the lesson.

I don’t however, sit in meetings playing on my phone and this is an important point to make. It is important that we teach the girls to manage their devices. One day they may attend meetings and it isn’t acceptable to be constantly looking at your phone.

What is important is that the girls are taught the positives of some applications; being able to photograph quickly notes on the board or something they see that will be useful for their art or drama, for example. There are apps on some phones that aid revision and make learning fun regardless of age.

Mobile phones are here to stay and we must embrace what is good about them and make sure our children are taught how, and perhaps more importantly, when it is acceptable to use them.