Molly gives it lots of cheese

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I enjoyed a proud parental moment this week. My daughter has never shied away from the camera – I don’t know where she gets the confidence from.

Now she’s been photographed in an action shot that is emblazoned across the wall just as you walk into her school.

Seeing her smiley face, approximately three times its natural size on photographic board gave me a real sense of achievement.

I was beaming, there’s my daughter, a shining example of the fine children that attend this establishment.

On closer inspection she seems to be giving some of her classmates a tutorial in how to grate cheese, a skill she’s become quite adept at at home.

Luckily, the photographer has framed a shot of her actually grating as opposed to the usual practice of dropping the cheese on the floor/dog and occasionally ramming a clammy fist of crumbly Cheddar into her mouth.