More places is the only way to fight the problem

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The shortage of school places is Portsmouth is well-documented.

Each year, we feature stories of disappointed parents who have not been able to get their children into their first choice school.

That’s why we welcome the bid by Mayfield School in North End to create 420 new places.

It seems like a carefully-considered and well thought-out plan.

They’re not rushing it, with the places being phased in over a seven-year period.

It would also see the opening of a new primary school at the site, which would offer youngsters all-through education from four to 16 on the same site.

This continuity can only be a good thing for children, some of whom can be unsettled by moving to a new school.

Headteacher at the school David Jeapes rightly points out that it would help tackle the problem of children having to travel across the city to go to school.

And as Mike Stoneman from Portsmouth City Council says, it wouldn’t be on the cards if there wasn’t a problem – one that’s only going to get worse as developments around the city see more families looking for places for their children.

Looking into the future, once the Tipner development is complete, that can only add to the pressure.

The school project would cost £1.8m, which is a lot of money.

But surely for something as important as young people’s education, it would be money well spent?

And anything that can ease the anguish of parents who face the problem of getting school places for their children each year has got to be welcomed.

So we can only hope that the plan gets the green light.

It’s a positive story about education and one that we hope bears fruit.