More ways to learn than just sitting at a classroom desk

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I was reading through some news stories online the other day and stumbled across a story about a project at the Holy Trinity Primary School in Halstead, Essex.

The project revolved around a 3ft-high ‘alien’ egg found in undergrowth on school grounds.

The pupils were told how the egg was an ‘amazing discovery’ and ‘100 per cent safe’. As part of a problem-solving exercise, the children had to investigate what it could be and how it had got there etc.

A nice, creative way to engage children in education, you’d think.

But no. There was uproar about the whole thing.

Pupils were frightened, some even had nightmares, while parents took to message boards to complain.

One parent wrote: ‘Holy trinity..........i hope this doesn’t go on all week!!!!! I’m gona have 2 tired children!!!!!!!’

Wow, some parents are just weird. What does she want? Her kids to recite the times table all day?

There are more ways for a child to learn than by just sitting behind a desk.

Schools should be applauded for trying to make learning interesting. Moaners like this ruin things for everyone.

My kids had a similar project when they were in infant school –they had to investigate why all the pens and pencils had disappeared.

They came bouncing home from school, full of how good the day was. They still remember it now.

I can guarantee they couldn’t remember a maths lesson from two years ago.

But you guessed it, there were complaints. No doubt by the same sort who complained at the school in Essex.

Probably the Mumsnet Mafia, whose kids are over-indulged and have to be by mummy’s side all the time.

These parents need to get a grip and remove the cotton wool from around their kids.

Headmaster Jon Smith had to issue an apology. But what should he be apologising about?

God forbid a child does something out of the ordinary.

Children being scared of a giant egg? What the heck is going on?

I tell you, I’d be embarrassed if they were my children.