Most of the creations were too good for an 8-year-old

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The other day my wife broke one of the golden rules of parenting when she did almost all of my daughter’s homework.

Erin had been studying the Anglo-Saxons at primary school and was asked to research and construct a model that depicted an aspect of Anglo Saxon life.

It quickly became apparent that all of the parents were guilty of helping their kids

My wife was very excited by this task and decided to make a loom. She found some twigs in the garden and set about joining them together with some old fabric.

I was amazed how much time and effort she was putting into this loom whilst Erin was upstairs playing Minecraft on the Xbox.

After three hours of work. I’m pleased to report that Erin’s teacher gave my wife two gold stars for her loom and said it was very informative!

Hilariously, the teacher held an exhibition in class to show off all the Anglo-Saxon creations and it quickly became apparent that all of the parents were guilty of helping their kids.

Because most of the creations were just way too good for your average eight-year-old.

Lou: I remember my dad getting found out for helping me with my homework when I was about 10.

As a project, we’d been asked to write an article on a person from history who interested us.

I chose Queen Elizabeth I and set about writing as if I was a showbiz reporter at her coronation.

We’d just got our first computer and my dad was really excited, so suggested we use it to make my homework look really good.

So we wrote it out and designed it to look like the front page of a newspaper, with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in her coronation robes and a big headline across the top in fancy text.

By 1990s standards it looked very impressive.

So when everyone else turned up with a scruffy, handwritten page, it was pretty obvious what had happened!

My teacher’s comments were all very positive. But she did politely suggest I should do my homework without so much adult help in future...