Movie days are on hold for now

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I love going to the cinema to watch a film.

Nothing beats seeing the latest blockbuster on a screen that makes my TV at home look like a cheap toy imitation from the pound shop.

I used to be a regular cinema-goer – until the children came along.

One of the great things about having children is that you can once again be a child through them.

You can do things like playing with toys and going on the swings at the park.

My favourite thing is watching TV shows and films you wouldn’t normally watch if you didn’t have kids.

So recently I’ve been wondering when the right time is to take your children to the cinema.

Caitlin is two. I think she’d really enjoy the new Muppets movie.

I also think her daddy would enjoy it to.

But I fear that her attention wouldn’t hold for almost two hours, even with a big bucket of popcorn. Plus the film would be interrupted with many visits to the toilet.

I think we’ll wait for the DVD.