Mumbling in du Maurier drama? Sounds like a new TV trend to me

CAP: Verity Lush was anxious and embarrassed about going for an intimate MRI scan - but now has to go through it all again!

VERITY LUSH: Oh, the indignity of an x-ray toilet

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So the BBC had hundreds of complaints about the dodgy sound on its dramatic adaptation of the Daphne du Maurier novel Jamaica Inn.

Apparently, viewers said they couldn’t understand what the actors were saying because it sounded like they were talking through mud.

But I was thinking maybe this could be a new trend –classic TV dramas that you struggle to hear properly.

Here’s a couple I’ve come up with –Murmur on the Orient Express and Mumble-stiltskin.

Wonder if there are any more?

n So mortgage applicants are facing tougher questions about their lifestyle under new rules that have come into force.

The changes are designed to hardwire common sense into the mortgage application process.

Questions from lenders about customers’ regular outgoings, including childcare costs and even haircuts, could be included in affordability checks. Here are three of the new questions you’ll have to answer. 

How much do you mind being the modern equivalent of a slave for the next 25 years of your working life?

For how many days will you sob uncontrollably when interest rates go up later this year and you lose any tiny amounts of disposable income that you were clinging on to?

How much will you mind handing over your first born child to us as a forfeit for when you can’t keep up your mortgage payments?

n Something that struck me the other day. Do you ever feel like you’re doing something you shouldn’t if you open a bag of crisps from the wrong end? It’s the right thing to do because that’s where the flavour gathers, but I can’t help feeling like I’m committing some sort of crime. Is this a food faux pas, or am I just being a bit sad?