Music to ears of snorers’ families

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Does ‘him indoors’ keep you awake with his snoring? Well, help is at hand, compliments of the Aborigine s’ strange sounding instrument – the didgeridoo.

Lovely word that – didgeridoo. Do you didgeridoo? Actually I digeridon’t, I prefer chocolate darling.

I know, silly me.

But not as silly as the report I read recently on the healing powers of sound therapy.

A Swiss study published in the British Medical Journal found that playing a didgeridoo daily helped people with sleep apnoea and snoring.

It’s thought the breathing techniques needed to play it strengthen the muscles in the upper airways.

A control group played the didgeridoo for 25 minutes, six days a week for four months and there was significant improvement.

Eee fancy that. No snorer’s house should be without one.