My brush with office politics almost ended in a huge row

Jez the fridge thief
Jez the fridge thief
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It all seemed to kick off at work this week when I was accused of stealing somebody else’s food from the Breeze fridge.

When I was working on Saturday morning I noticed inside the fridge there was a cheese and tomato baguette with a use buy date of Sunday, February 15.

On Saturdays I do like to check the contents of the fridge just to see what potential treats are inside.

I was tempted to eat the baguette there and then because I thought, as it was due to expire the next day, it would probably be left inside our fridge to go green and mouldy.

I controlled myself, thinking if it was still in the fridge on Monday I would eat it then.

To my excitement on Monday it was still inside. However I sent round an e-mail before eating it in a last-ditch attempt to reunite baguette with owner. Unfortunately one of my colleagues came running to my desk claiming it. I thought I was doing her and my colleagues a big favour by preparing to eat an out-of-date sarnie.

Maybe installing a security code to the fridge door would be a good way of stopping people like me.

Lou: This week Jez very nearly broke one of the most important rules of the office kitchen. He nearly ate someone else’s lunch. Thankfully he had the foresight to send a quick e-mail out to check nobody still wanted it.

Jo, who sits on the other side of the office and so hadn’t heard us discussing his imminent misdemeanour, came running over to reclaim her lunch. But by this point the cheese and tomato baguette in question was already out of the fridge, and on his desk.

It was only a matter of time until he’d found himself a plate and tucked in. Jez’s defence was that it was out of date, but as someone who takes little notice of use by dates, I say this is no excuse.

He has a bit of a reputation as being one of those people who will eat anything in sight and I’ve learnt never to leave food lying around the office unattended.

I’ve now realised quite how many behavioural similarities there are between Jez and dogs. Perhaps it would be easier to replace him with a Labrador.