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I’ve just got back from a week holidaying in Tenerife and it was absolutely lush – beautiful sun, a lovely hotel set in a quaint part of the island with local restaurants, bars and shops.

In contrast to some of my previous holidays, it was really quite relaxing.

If you’re a regular reader of this column, you may recall the awful experience I had on my holiday last year, when we flew to Corfu for my uncle’s 50th birthday.

We ended up stranded there for almost five days after the end of our planned week because the airline over-sold the plane and we were the poor lot who didn’t get seats.

Some of you may think having an extra five days’ holiday would be pure bliss, but I can assure you it was quite the opposite.

So this year I was determined that my holiday would be stress-free. So why did I book flights with another budget airline? Did I really think Ryanair was classier than easyJet?

Admittedly we didn’t get stranded (thank goodness), so I must at least give them credit for that.

But there were other problems. First of all our flight departed from London Stansted. Me being me, I went ahead and booked it without really considering the vast extra expense of travelling to said airport.

It was three hours there and three hours back and, as I discovered when ringing around for taxi quotes, that costs quite a lot.

‘Okay, but when we get there it will be fine’ I thought.

Wrong. The baggage that I’d booked and paid a rip-off £50 per 15kg for online prior to departure (or so I thought) was apparently not added, so I had to pay double the fee at the airport if I wanted to take my case on with me.

Then I got most of my toiletries, which amounted to about £40, taken away at the security desk (damn it, forgot about the hand luggage rules).

All right, I know it was such a rookie mistake, but I was still annoyed.

And then when we finally get to Tenerife, we had a two-hour transfer to our hotel.

All in all, going budget didn’t turn out budget at all if I add up what it all cost me.