My car is like a horror movie

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My car used to be clean and tidy, There was never any loose dirt, dust or grime.

There were no stains on the seats and certainly never any biscuit crumbs clogging up the bit you plug your seatbelt into.

Then something happened to change all of that… I had kids.

I recently lifted out the car seats that belong to my two-year-old Alyssa and my four-year-old Caitlin and what greeted me deserved some sort of horror movie sound effect.

As I looked at the sticky, gooey mess that had attached itself to the upholstery of my car, I’m sure the blue skies turned grey and I heard a strike of lightning.

Imagine mixing orange juice, chocolate buttons, a custard cream, a 2p piece, a 10p piece, some mud and a couple of ice lolly sticks in a bowl.

That’s what it looked like. I now have a new rule – no eating or drinking in the car.

My no children in the car rule didn’t work. It’s far too cold and I’m too lazy to walk.