My challenge is to organise a cost-effective wedding

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I’m starting to think that now is the time I should consider getting married.

It’s a scary prospect though. Everyone around me is either married, getting married, pregnant or have just had babies.

Meanwhile my partner Matt and I are pretty much in the same place we were 14 years ago when we met.

Admittedly we do own a house together in good old Pompey and we’re engaged and have travelled the world together, which I’m very proud of.

But we’re still not married and I wonder whether we should be?

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be. He’ll give me a rather wonderful surname – Kingston – although I’ll miss being Gobby Gibbs.

Gobby Kingston doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Then comes the issue of finances. I don’t want to get into debt to get married.

My mum laughed at me the other day when I said ‘we’re setting a £10,000 budget to get married’, then she declared ‘that’s almost impossible these days’.

But is it? Surely, you can have a wonderful wedding without having to get into ridiculous amounts of debt?

I’ve been looking at possible venues and although I haven’t actually plucked up the courage to ask for their prices, I think it can be done.

So I’m on a mission to organise the perfect £10,000 wedding.

Both my older sisters are getting married in Cuba next April and my best friend, Denise, is getting married in a few weeks in Antigua.

I’m sure their weddings will be amazing but, although I know they all wanted a wedding abroad, I’m confident finances must have played a part in their decisions not to get married in the UK.

All I see now is a challenge. Let the £10,000 wedding organisation begin.

If anyone has any tips, advice or quirky suggestions, please do let me know – I’m on Twitter @gobbygibbs or you can e-mail

I’m up for all the help and support I can get, because although my mum is the most amazing woman in the world, she’s not so great at the craft and baking advice that I may need to keep this wedding cost-effective!