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Ibelieve laughter is the best medicine and if I want a dose of the chuckle dust it’s now easier than ever.

I might put on my Ricky Gervais DVD or maybe one of Lee Evans’ live shows to tickle my funny bones.

Or I could type ‘funny dog’ into YouTube to get a quick laugh.

There are even TV channels dedicated to making me laugh 24 hours a day.

But the thing that now makes me laugh the most is my eldest daughter, Caitlin.

And the best thing is, she is funny without even knowing it.

Like when she asked if we could watch a DVD together and she requested that we watch the one called Andy.

I looked at her puzzled as I’d never heard of that DVD before.

She was adamant she had watched it before, so I asked her to tell me a bit more about the film.

She said Andy was a baby deer. Turned out she meant Bambi.

The other day I asked her where milk came from and she answered ‘the shop’.

Who needs Ricky Gervais when you’ve got Caitlin Hayden.