My Del Boy impersonation at the gym | Rick Jackson

AU REVOIR: Rick felt just like Del Boy. Picture: BBC
AU REVOIR: Rick felt just like Del Boy. Picture: BBC
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Get Rick Fit is going rather well but I am still at the stage where I’m  mucking things up, making a fool of myself or making bizarre groaning noises when exercising.

I didn’t ever think I would look forward to going to the gym but three weeks in, I do.

It helps having a personal trainer with you and three gym buddies.

Last Saturday I tried something different – Fusion, which is a combination of cardiovascular and strength training.

Twenty of us spent the next 45 minutes in the ‘red zone’ on our heart monitors as you do 30 seconds of a discipline, then rest for 15 seconds while you move on to the next exercise.

Rowing, press-ups, dumbbell lifts, exercise bike and squat and rolls on a bale, we went around in groups of four.

On the first rotation, there was much laughter, that soon ended.

The intensity increased and half-way through, I would say I was buzzing.

Soon though, fatigue set in. I was straining every sinew to keep doing. I was gurning like Albert Steptoe and I struggled for breath.

Then it happened.

Squatting down on the bale, I rolled back into the crunch position but my tired muscles couldn’t stop me.

My legs went up to stop my momentum but it was too late.

As my legs travelled over my head, I couldn’t stop myself from doing a backward roly-poly, ending up in a lump on the floor with my backside in the air.

Well, that broke the silence of the workout somewhat. 

I got up doing my best Del Boy impression.

‘Nice and cool Trig, nice and cool,’ I thought as I remembered that classic scene of him falling through the bar.

I’m feeling much better all round though. I’m stronger, I have more energy and feel much more positive about things.

It’s hard work, I ache afterwards but the buzz I feel later is so worth it and the fact that I’m needing to tighten my belt is such a positive thing.

My goal?

To throw out my Blue Harbour elasticated waist M&S trousers!

Most wonderful time of the year should last a lot longer

It’s started. We’ve moved furniture around so we can fit a real Christmas tree in the bay window. We’ve got the boxes ready to come down from the loft and on Sunday our decorations will go up.

Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier these days, but I don’t care, I love it. For me, Christmas celebrations start on December 1 as we gear up for the big day buying presents, going to parties and organising our get-togethers.

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Twinkling lights everywhere, the season of goodwill fills our spirits as we all celebrate.

So why not make this time of the year last longer? I’m itching to get started, but I hope I don’t peak too soon!

I’d like to buy an electric car but not at £35,000 a pop

Our trusty seven-seater car is getting a little long in the tooth.That’s fine, it’s a family wagon to lug us all around and if it gets trashed by the kids, so be it.

I’d like to consider an electric car. I don’t think hybrid is the answer as you still end up burning fossil fuels in an internal combustion engine. Sadly, the cost of all-electric vehicles means it’s not really in most families’ price range and there is nothing bigger on the market than a small hatch-back for less than £35,000.

I see VW are about to introduce a large new range of electric vehicles, but until a reasonably priced seven-seater comes on the market, my next vehicle will have to be another gas guzzling Chelsea Tractor.