My finest moment - and I had no time to look good

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So there I was, outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London in the thick of a media scrum.

Then the news came through that we’d all been waiting for – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were the proud parents of a baby boy.

I was there because I was producing a new documentary for Channel Ten Australia and CBC in Canada.

It was crazily busy as I stood in the middle of the media pen, with famous TV anchors around me doing their live news feeds.

Like the rest of the British media, I’d been working on tight deadlines to ensure the documentary was made, up-to-date and out on time.

This means I spent the best part of the hottest day of the year in an editing suite in London, which had no air conditioning.

I spent the remainder whipping around the city on and off the Tube, interviewing key people, trekking back to St Mary’s Hospital and generally running about like my feet were on fire.

I was producing, not presenting, so I didn’t exactly look my best. I was hot, sticky, had ‘panda eyes’, sweaty, slicked-back hair and no change of clothes.

It was 8.30pm when the big news came in – and it was 8.31pm when I suddenly had a camera shoved in my face and was told to do some pieces as an ‘as live’ news report.

Without even giving my appearance a once-over (there was literally no time), I had to think on my feet and say something good enough to be broadcast around the globe.

I’m happy to say it wasn’t bad at all – it’s just a shame that my finest journalistic moment, the moment most journalists would have loved to cover, will show me when I looked quite possibly at my very worst.

The photo on the right may not actually show just how bad I looked – I asked the cameraman to take it ‘wide’ so it wouldn’t focus on my terrible flaws.

But trust me, dear friends, I looked a far cry from Sky’s Kay Burley or the other big-name journos.

The difference was they had make-up artists and trailers parked just down the road!