My footwear only has two smells - ‘leathery’ when they’re new and ‘stinky French cheese’ when they’re not.

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Okay, so I saw a TV ad over the weekend for a fragrance. But not just any fragrance. This was a scent from the fashion designer, Jimmy Choo.

Now I’m not a big fashionista, but I do know that Jimmy Choo is particularly famous for designing one thing and that’s shoes.

So, when did the powers-that-be decide that it might be a good idea to let a designer famous for making shoes design a new perfume?

My shoes only have two smells - ‘leathery’ when they’re new or ‘stinky French cheese’ when they’re not.

 I’m not sure I’d like to date anyone that smelt like that. This fragrance is not a good idea.

On the subject of people buying gifts for Christmas, you can bet loads of people will be getting socks from Santa.

But I have a problem with this, and not just because socks are a pretty boring present.

If you buy someone a packet of four or five pairs of socks, you can guarantee that these socks will all start getting holes in them at exactly the same time.

It always happens, so you reach a stage where all your socks end up unwearable. And this happens because of Christmas when we all receive several pairs at the same time.

What we need to do is to start giving people socks as gifts at different times of the year.

We need our sock-gift-buying to be staggered throughout the year so we don’t end up with a load of hole-y socks.

So, my idea is this. Don’t buy people socks for Christmas. Or, if you do, just get them one pair.

Then, at other times of the year buy them single pairs of socks.

It really makes sense, you know.

Plus, the socks will be that much more appreciated by whoever you get them for, because they’ll be a surprise gift.

You know they’re never that appreciated if you get them as a Christmas gift.

It’s just the way it is.

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