My idea is so good that 50 brands are already out there

COMMENT: Health plan worth trying as we can’t go on like this

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Have you ever come up with a life-enhancing invention, only to find out that someone has beaten you to it?

I have a 10-year-old border collie. He’s a good friend, but his breath smells like he’s been sucking silage through a season-old rugby sock.

In fairness, if you’d licked your entire body clean for a decade, you’d be in a similar place.

I tend to keep his face at arm’s length, but I know many pooch lovers who are keen on ‘kisses’ from their hounds. We’re all different.

So, my ground-breaking idea: why not create a dog chew that’s heavily scented with mint? Our canine pals get a treat and we can tolerate their malodorous funk.

It such a good idea that 50 brands are already in existence.