My job’s not as easy as you think, but I do still love it

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It’s an easy life being a radio presenter. I’m so lucky, working four hours a day and playing records for a living.

I never have to do shift work and never get caught in the morning and afternoon rush hours.

Radio consultants say you use up as much mental energy as you do motorway driving for 12 hours

I get to meet loads of interesting celebrities, get tonnes of freebies and never have to pay for tickets to the theatre.

Well that’s what my friends say, but they soon realise that they’ve got it all wrong.

Yes radio has its advantages, but it never ends.

If you check the listings for Wave 105 in the TV section of The News, you’ll notice I’m on air every day.

I host the weekday drivetime show, but I’m also on Saturday morning and on Sunday evening I host my music show Teenage Kicks, where I play music from the new wave, punk and new romantics era.

Unlike friends I have at the BBC, I don’t have a producer, runner or telephone operative to help out.

No, I self-produce.

Then there’s the fact that I never watch TV shows like a normal viewer.

Even on a Saturday night I’m thinking how I can reflect something on my show, which clips to play or whether to put in for an interview with someone.

Yes I have my mornings free, but generally I’m trawling the newspapers for topics and things of interest I can talk about.

When on air, for those four hours it’s intense concentration.

I can’t pop off for a cup of tea or have a skive and take things easy. Radio consultants say you use up as much mental energy as you do motorway driving for 12 hours.

Then there is the other stuff that happens off the radio, such as hosting events and making personal appearances.

As Wave 105 is a regional radio station, these could be in Dorchester, Andover or Littlehampton. But Portsmouth is one of our heartlands, so I tend to get asked to work in this area.

I don’t know if you noticed, but violins were playing in the background whilst you read this. Woe is me.

Not at all. Yes it may be hard work, but I still love it!