My kids said I’d embarrass them - but I did it anyway

Surely, holding a door open for a member of either sex is just good manners?

LESLEY KEATING: Would you dare hold a door open for a woman?

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Over the half-term holiday I took my kids to explore Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

This was my first visit and I was really impressed.

It’s a fantastic place. But sadly that day my kids were not in the most appreciative of moods.

Whilst standing in the queue for HMS Victory, my 11-year-old son Josh said: ‘Why are we queuing to see an old ship? It’s boring. When are we going to McDonald’s?’

Honestly, I was so embarrassed at these comments – I could see other parents rolling their eyes in disbelief.

We went on board anyway. But after HMS Victory, I spotted the electric mini boats nearby.

They looked fabulous and for £10 you can hire one and sail around.

Somewhat predictably, my kids said I was going to embarrass them and refused to board the mini Brittany ferry I had hired.

So I carried on and enjoyed my own solo trip at the helm. It was top class dad fun.

I’m sure in years to come my foolish children will regret not appreciating their trip more.

But luckily we have an annual pass to use, so no doubt we’ll be returning and hopefully they’ll be in a better mood next time.

Lou: I think all kids (and some adults) have days when they’re feeling grumpy and simply refuse to have fun.

This often means they miss out on brilliant experiences and days out.

I remember one such time when I was about 12.

We went to the Millennium Dome in London and my sister and I were offered the chance to have a go on the ice rink.

I have always absolutely loved ice skating, but for some reason that day I was having none of it.

I can’t remember there being any good reason for my behaviour and of course I now look back and think what a missed opportunity it was.

After all, never again will I be able to ice skate at the Millennium Dome!

I don’t think the bosses of the O2 (as it’s known now) would be too impressed if I started sliding around their lovely entrance hall.