My mate wasted a grand moment at one of world’s natural wonders

Home closure will give residents some respite

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Ihave a mate who’s just been down the bottom of the Grand Canyon in America.

As he awoke after camping there, virtually alone on the floor of the vast chasm surrounding him, he felt a sudden urge to shout something profound as the sun rose.

He felt completely at one with nature and was taken over by this kind of primeval feeling that being in this amazing place had given him.

It was almost as if the gods of the earth were there to hear the utterances from deep within his soul, and he was moved by a will to shout something incredibly profound to them.

Do you know what he shouted?

‘Echo!’ because everyone does.

What a waste!

I was just wondering, rather than buying these 
expensive Frappuccino drinks from high street 
coffee shops during the heatwave, has anyone started just letting their morning coffee go cold before drinking it?

Or is the thought of that horrible skin forming on top of the cup just too revolting to even consider drinking your home-made coffee cold?

Or has anyone just started popping some ice cubes from the freezer in their coffee?

Basically, has the hot weather we’ve been having made us change the way we drink our first cup of coffee in the morning?

I’d love to know.

And while I’m talking about hot weather...

Last weekend, the 
entire stock of air conditioning units and fans ran out at Argos, as people snapped them up.

Last Saturday, Northern Ireland was hotter than Mexico and other tropical parts of the world.

And in some parts of the country, councils had gritters going to stop the roads from melting!

But just remember this – the Met Office’s June 27 
forecast predicted a cool and wet July!

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