My money is on the Scots bottling it and voting no

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Today’s the day. The people of Scotland are deciding if they should leave the United Kingdom and become an independent country.

I hope they do. It’s time they put their money where their mouths are and went it alone.

To me, Scots always seem to have a chip on their shoulder. They always seem to feel hard done by and fed up with rule from Westminster.

The Scots always like to get one over on us English, whereas we have more of a soft spot for the tartan-wearing Bravehearts.

What they don’t seem to notice beyond all that rain and cold weather is that they have it good north of the border.

No prescription charges, no tuition fees and the Scottish government runs and heavily subsidises island ferry services, unlike in England.

If Scotland votes ‘no’, I’m wondering what extra ‘perks’ they will get for staying part of the Union. Free beer?

Cameron and Milliband have raced to Scotland to help save their bacon, not the Union.

Cameron doesn’t want to be remembered in history as the PM that lost Scotland. Milliband doesn’t want to lose all those Labour voters. He won’t get in without them!

But what if the result is a narrow victory for the ‘no’ vote, say 51 per cent to 49 per cent?

In my mind, this would be a massive kick in the teeth for the rest of us.

That would mean only just over half want to stay with us, while the rest want to paint their faces blue and white and shout a lot about freedom.

For me, Scotland has to show the rest of us how much it wants to remain part of the UK.

Nothing more than an 80 per cent ‘no’ will do. But I suppose even a 60 per cent ‘no’ would send a pretty clear signal.

For all their bravado and words of nationalistic pride, my money is on the Scots bottling it today and voting to stay with us.

But if they do, we should impose some conditions. Scotland teams must sing God Save The Queen, Andy Murray must support England at the next major tournament, whilst Sean Connery has to sing Jerusalem!