My PA has a bit of an attitude

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It’s not only celebrities who have someone to do everything for them.

I now have my very own personal assistant and my new helper doesn’t even require payment.

Her name is Caitlin and she is two years old. She’s also my daughter – and I must say she is a very good personal assistant. So good I don’t have to ask her to do anything, she does it all of her own accord.

‘Daddy, Alyssa has pooed,’ she declared recently and then fetched me a new nappy for her younger sister.

Then when I was looking for my mobile phone she shouted: ‘Daddy it’s in the kitchen.’ I looked and she was right.

She’s even started fetching any dirty clothes left in the bathroom for the clothes basket.

But sadly, due to her attitude problem I think I’m going to have to let her go.

When picking up my socks the other day she screeched: ‘Daddy I’m not your skivvy.’

I don’t know where she learned that sentence but it makes me laugh so much that I now leave my socks lying around on purpose so she’ll say it again.