My party went with a bang, not tears and tantrums

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Well, what can I say about turning the dreaded 30? I spent a year wishing it wouldn’t come and that I could stay in my 20s with few responsibilities. But now I am, in my eyes, officially an adult.

And it sucks. Ha, ha only kidding. I have yet to have my meltdown, although I’m a strong believer in ‘never say never’, so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

At least my party went down in style. We rocked the joint – the BT club in Cosham!

It started with three hours of preparation. Pictures of 1950s cars and jukeboxes were stuck on the walls and records hung from the dance floor ceiling.

We had old-fashioned popcorn boxes on the table and the most incredible sweet cart I have ever seen, plus beautifully-made sweet trees.

I didn’t think that even half of the sweets would go. But my lot were clearly feeling peckish that night.

By hometime there was not much left as guests took their own pick and mix bags away with them. Gannets!

The night almost didn’t happen though – obviously some drama had to unfold otherwise it wouldn’t have been a Gibbs event.

As we packed up from decorating the hall in the daytime, the electric packed up.

Lights, heating and sound worked everywhere else in the building but not in the hall I was using.

I freaked, but Margaret from the BT club was cool, calm and collected.

She told me not to worry as she called out an electrician and sorted everything out. What a star.

From there I went to have my hair done in a 1950s style and then I was ready to party.

I kid you not, the dance floor was packed out from 8pm until midnight – I even had my own little boogie with DJ Funkenstein, who was loving the chance to play some classic hits.

All in all, an amazing night that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

It was all down to the fantastic people in my life, who helped ensure that the party went off with a bang and not the tears and tantrums I was dreading.