My two top tips for becoming a father

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Photographs capture a moment that instantly become part of history and it always amazes me how powerful a picture can become when time has passed.

In the lead-up to becoming a dad for the first time almost six years ago many people gave me lots of advice and tips on parenting, but two bits of advice came up time and time again.

The first was to enjoy my children while they are still young and to try to take in every special moment and milestone because time will speed up all of a sudden.

The other big piece of advice was to take lots of photos and record lots of video because later in life, I would be glad I did.

Looking back, these were great pieces of advice, which go hand-in-hand. When you ask someone what possessions they would rescue from their house if a fire were to break out, most people would say their photographs. They are so special and give us an instant connection to our past.

Sometimes, moments in life can go by relatively unnoticed and have little importance to us at the time.

Even when one of these moments is captured on camera, often it’s not until years later that the frozen moment becomes a prized possession and something that fills your mind with memories and nostalgia.

Since becoming a father a lot of photos have been taken. In fact, to be honest, probably too many have been taken.

In this day and age, with camera phones that can store thousands of high quality photos, I’m always fishing out my smartphone from my pocket to capture a memory forever.

I also record lots of video and could probably make a fortune if I sent them all off to You’ve Been Framed.

Recently, I became grateful for the advice that I received at the start of my life as a father.

Nearly six years of photos and videos of family life are stored on one computer hard drive and I wanted to make a back up to further protect these priceless memories.

When scrolling through the photos and clicking ‘play’ on the videos, one of the first things that sprung to mind was how young and fresh-faced I looked. I’d quite like to look like that again please.

The other thing that I realised was just how much my children have grown and developed in such a short space of time.

It brought back so many lovely memories and I’m now really glad I made the effort to record these moments. At the time, they didn’t seem that significant but now they feel very special.

One lesson that I’ve learnt is not to leave it so long before I organise and back up my photos and videos. I started doing it more than a week ago and I still haven’t finished.