My weight loss could signal the return of that shell suit

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My intentions are always good but I now have a wardrobe full of clothes waiting for me to get into when I lose a little weight.

I hate shopping for clothes. I’m quite happy to go to one store, buy a few items and then head home.

I especially hate the rigmarole of trying things on before I purchase them.

Sadly I get home, pop the clothes on, realise they are a little tight and place them in the wardrobe for the day they will eventually fit, because that day will come, right?

After all, I’m training for the Great South Run and like most other men impressed by Tour de France winning cyclist Bradley Wiggins, I venture out regularly on my race bike.

With all this exercise, my honeymoon weight should soon fly off.

But it seems that spare clothes wardrobe is getting fuller by the minute.

Some items have been in there for four years!

Unfortunately, clothes shopping with my wife Sarah is not a pleasant experience for me.

She is the type of girl who loves to immerse herself in shopping, making a day of it.

She will basically look at virtually every item in the store, looking over several times before making a purchase. This is of course, after trying on several things first.

Her record is 50 minutes in one shop in Saint-Malo in France.

In that time, I’d gone for a crepe and coffee and a bit of sightseeing, only to be welcomed with a frown as she left the shop saying ‘nothing in there’.

So what do I do with this wardrobe? Some of the items are now out of fashion.

Even if I do fit into them, would I want to be seen dead in them?

But for me, this is a win-win situation. How many people have slimmed down, then had to go out a purchase a whole new wardrobe?

Well for me, I don’t because it’s already waiting for me.

Luckily, I have the fashion sense of the Amish so for me, being ‘in season’ is not important.

With that in mind, maybe my mega-comfy shell suit should again see the light of day?