Naked bike ride was just an excuse to strip off in public

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So the annual naked bike ride took place again in Southsea.

Now in its fourth year, the event is apparently about cyclists getting knocked off their bikes and raising awareness about cycle safety.

Or maybe it’s about the environment.

You see, there is some confusion over what exactly its purpose is.

Really, I suspect it’s just an excuse for a group of people to get their kit off in public.

I reckon the 60-strong procession of pedallers may well have contained more than a few who just fancied the idea of flashing their bits in public without fear of being arrested.

If I was to walk along the seafront with no clothes on, I’d be taken away for outraging public decency.

Quite right too.

But because there are 60 of them and it’s for a ‘good cause’ (whatever that may be) that seems to make it all right. They are allowed to strip off and get on with it.

Hasn’t Stephen Gough from Eastleigh, aka The Naked Rambler, spent seven years of his life in prison because he keeps on walking around naked?

Although being naked in public isn’t technically against the law, if someone complains it can be considered an offence.

Maybe we need to complain more when the bike ride comes back next year.

Organiser Ian Hendon from Fareham says of the ride: ‘We get all sorts – there’s a fair share of naturists and persons of alternative sexual persuasion tend to come out on it too.’

So no-one’s really interested in the environment then.

And road safety? Anyone happening upon this parade of flesh is really not going to be thinking ‘fair play to them, they’re really putting a clear message across about cycle safety, I must be more careful driving across Portsdown Hill on the way to work on Monday morning.’

It would be more like ‘what on earth are these people doing, collect up the kids dear we’re off!’

According to reports, there was a real carnival atmosphere and great fun was had by all.

Great fun for those in the saddle maybe, but not so great for the poor souls who had to witness such an event.