Nathan’s ‘gissa job’ plea should be admired

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Too often we are told the youth of today expect everything on a plate; that they are feckless and workshy and assume the state will bale them out with handouts.

As we all know, this is far from the truth. Just look at last week’s great A-level results from students across this area.

But it does no harm now and again to highlight the drive and determination of an individual in seeking to improve his lot. Such is the case of 26-year-old Nathan Hogan from West Leigh, Havant.

As we report on page 11 today, he has probably taken ambition to find a career a tad too seriously by walking 60 miles from his home to central London to knock on the BBC’s revolving door.

Norman Tebbit once famously urged the unemployed to get on their bikes to seek work, but Nathan took to his feet to get to the capital.

With just £1.36 in his pocket and five tins of baked beans and chilli pasta in his backpack, he decided the only way to fulfil his dream of working in the technical side of the music industry was to turn up unannounced at BBC Media Centre.

Nathan, who is currently a cleaner, has a background in music and sound production and his modern-day pilgrimage might yet pay off.

How refreshing it is to hear him say: ‘In today’s climate there are so many people that don’t want to get jobs. They are quite happy to sit around and get benefits and that’s it.

‘I wanted to show how much this meant to me and how much I need this.’ Admirable sentiments.

The BBC deserves credit for at least sending someone from its personnel department to meet Nathan after his four-day trek through the Hampshire and Surrey countryside in which he slept rough. And paying his train fare home.

It would have been all too easy to have had him removed from the building by a security guard.

So the BBC might not have offered him a job, but his exploits have gained him valuable publicity and a potential appearance on The One Show. What’s the betting he now achieves his dream?