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Like many great ideas, Heroes Day stems from a very simple concept.

Dress up like your hero for the day – paying £1 for the privilege of doing so – and you will be raising money for a truly fantastic cause.

It’s so simple that there’s really no excuse for not taking part and that’s why we’re not surprised to see that Heroes Day has now snowballed.

Dedicated Danny Glavin has turned a good and fun idea into a national day of action and should be very proud of himself for that.

Spurred on by memories of his friend, Royal Marine Richard Hollington, Danny has already persuaded school children to raise more than £5,000 for Help For Heroes.

Now, with some very high-profile backing, he’s managed to turn his quirky fundraiser into a national day.

On October 21 we’re sure that many people – both locally and nationally – will get into the spirit of Heroes Day.

We’re proud to back the day in whatever way we can.

Just like our We Can Do It campaign and Blue Day, we know that events like this really draw out the best in people and help bring communities together.

By going to school or work dressed as your own personal hero, you can help raise money for those injured servicemen and women who need our help.

Of course, the idea behind the day is to have fun and that’s what Mne Hollington’s family want.

But there’s a more serious side to what Heroes Day is all about and we should remember that too.

Mne Hollington died after he was fatally wounded by a blast in Afghanistan.

Scores of our service personnel come home with horrific injuries after seeing action in conflict zones.

Help for Heroes has already done so much for our injured troops and their families and this is a way to build on that.

When you consider that this particular charity itself stemmed from a simple idea, Heroes Day is in keeping with all that it aspires to achieve.

So now it’s our turn. Remember, we can be heroes, just for one day.