Navy’s reach sends positive image of city worldwide

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We all know how the Royal Navy is a force for good in the world – from helping out after calamitous natural disasters in far-flung corners of the world to keeping the oceans safe from those who would cause harm.

And you only have to look at the pages of this newspaper today to see their reputation – and therefore that of our city – is carried around the globe.

Take our story on page three, for starters.

It’s no exaggeration to say the musicians of the Royal Marines Band Service are world-class.

And it is nice to hear Ignatius Wang, the newly-qualified Singaporean bandmaster, speak so highly of the training he has received from the marines while training here in our city.

Ignatius will surely return home to do wonderful things and embark on a dazzling military music career – and he will take the ethos of the Portsmouth-based marines with him.

Meanwhile one of Portsmouth’s warships is heading off today on a deployment to the Atlantic, and she is sailing into the history books as she does so.

The ship’s company of HMS Lancaster will be representing the nation at a number of destinations and they will be doing so in the Royal Navy’s first new uniform in 70 years.

They’ll also be leading the way by taking on board the first Wildcat helicopter to deploy with a ship and providing a major upgrade to the navy’s capabilities at sea as they do so.

And further on in the paper we have a report on a military exercise at Browndown in Gosport where the might of the navy was witnessed by students around the world including America and France.

As if we did not need any further proof that the Royal Navy in Portsmouth helps put our area on the global stage.

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