Neighbours may be a soap opera but cancer storyline is so important – Cheryl Gibbs

Cheryl has praised Eve Morey for brilliant portrayal of a woman with cancer in Neighbours
Cheryl has praised Eve Morey for brilliant portrayal of a woman with cancer in Neighbours
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People laugh at me because I’m a big Neighbours fan. And they can mock but I love nothing better than chilling on a Sunday with a Chinese watching all the week’s episodes in one go. 

However, since they went to a PG rating things have got a little more serious and some of the stories have become a bit EastEnders and depressing. 

But they do push the boundaries about things like the current story-line on ovarian cancer. It is heartbreaking, I have cried at almost every episode. 

The producers should be applauded for highlighting such important issues.

Eve Morey’s acting ability is incredible and deserves recognition. 

I wanted a DIY project and my wish certainly came true

I’ve always been into property and I absolutely love property programmes.

Location, Location, Location, (Phil Spencer is my hero), Love it or List it, and now Escape to the Chateaux DIY – I love them all. 

I’m also one of those people who check out Rightmove all the time – not because we have any intention of moving, but I like to check out what the market is doing and how house prices are doing in Clanfield where we live.

Don’t ask me why, I just do – perhaps I should have been a property developer instead of working in television, but we all make our own paths in life. 

Anyway, last weekend I was looking around the house for something to do because we’ve pretty much done our house, for now anyway. 

I like to have a project so for some reason I started looking in our custom-built wardrobes in the bedroom and I noticed that when I took my coat out it was soaking wet.

It was one of those situations where I could have just turned a blind eye and walked away and forgot about it.

But, being me, I started investigating further and I realised, to my horror, there was mould and damp all over the back of the cupboards.

It was horrific, so I started taking all the clothes out and realised that most of them were damp and smelly.

Well, that has resulted in a whole overhaul of our bedroom.

We have taken out all the clothes in the cupboard – and I mean everything – and washed them all. 

I did originally take them to a launderette thinking it would save time if I had 10 washing machines going at once, but do you know how expensive launderettes are these days?

I’ve also had to get two dehumidifiers in the room, scrubbed the walls down and through the week spent my evenings painting all the walls with anti-mould paint.

It's been absolutely disgusting and there’s a part of me that wishes I hadn’t started, although having a mouldy room is pretty unhealthy.

We shall see if it works – serves me right for having itchy feet and wanting to do some DIY.

Is there anything better than a sunny day in Blighty?

I’ve started running again. Well, when I say I’ve started I’ve done two eight-mile runs around Clanfield and Horndean this week. 

I had an urge on Tuesday to go for a run and get some fresh air.

I know it’s down to the weather because by the time Thursday came with its grey clouds and rain I wasn’t interested.

That little glimpse of wonderful early spring sunshine made all the difference, didn’t it?

Matt and I went for a walk along Southsea seafront and it was just beautiful.

The beach with a sunny sky above it is my happy place and it wasn’t for the first time that I’ve breathed in the sea air grateful for where we live in this country.