Nervous wait, but now I can reveal we’re having another!

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It wasn’t what I was expecting when, one evening in March, my wife Sarah turned to me and said she thought she might be pregnant.

Surely not. It’s not possible, I thought.

I wanted to shout it from the highest steeple, but I certainly didn’t want to jinx anything with our past history

I bolted straight out of the front door, got into my car and drove to a deserted Asda to buy an early warning pregnancy test.

She was right, you know. She was pregnant!

When I think of all we went through to get our first child Freddie, here we are pregnant without even trying.

Well, you know what I mean!

It seems when you don’t think about having a baby and just relax, it happens. When you think about it too much, it doesn’t.

Keeping it secret has been hell. I wanted to shout it from the highest steeple, but I certainly didn’t want to jinx anything with our past history.

We went for a private eight-week scan. Both of us were so nervous, knowing for Sarah this was a major hurdle.

As Freddie sat on my lap, we watched the screen and there was a little foetus, heart pumping away. We cried.

But still we bit our tongues.

There were more hurdles as now the new baby needed to be tested to make sure the same thing didn’t happen as happened to Freddie.

His blood type didn’t match mummy’s and her antibodies attacked Freddie’s.

As a result he was born with no platelets in his blood.

But by 12 weeks, we felt confident enough to tell friends and family and so it begins again.

As I sit here typing, we await the test results from an amniocentesis Sarah had two weeks ago.

This will tell us if she will need treatment through the pregnancy or not.

What we do know is that we are having a girl!

We are fully stocked with boy’s things, but we have nothing for a girl. Do I need to buy some dolls?

Luckily Sarah’s sister has kept all the clothes from her now 16-month-old baby girl. Phew, I won’t have to send Sarah out to work just yet.

The baby is due just before Christmas. I think Holly is a lovely name...