Never mind, it will soon be Christmas

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Ladies and gentlemen, fathers and mothers, nans and granddads and anyone with children in their life, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Why?

Because we’ve survived summer.

It seems like only yesterday we were looking ahead to six weeks of juggling busy schedules, keeping children entertained and trying to get them to bed, even when the sun was shining, and wondering whether we would make it to September.

At the same time our little ones were looking forward to a summer of fun, freedom and memory-making and hoping September was a long way away.

But now it’s all over, well at least for another year. I think we’ll remember summer 2013 for many years to come.

We had British number one tennis player Andy Murray win his first Wimbledon title and end Britain’s 77- year wait for a men’s champion.

I was one of the 17 million people watching the TV hoping we didn’t have another 77-year wait.

The summer also gave us a new royal baby as the easel outside Buckingham Palace announced that ‘the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son…’.

I thought whoever wrote that sentence might have had an alcoholic beverage beforehand, possibly in celebration of the new baby, but apparently that is how the royal family talk.

Of course this summer will be remembered for the sunshine and the heat it brought with it.

Apparently the UK had its warmest, driest and sunniest weather since 2006. I don’t normally tan and my skin usually has the pale winter look all year round, but I think even my skin turned a slightly darker shade in the sun.

But for me this summer will also be remembered for a few other things that didn’t make the front pages.

Like when four-year-old Caitlin told me she had a boyfriend for the very first time and left me speechless.

Of course Isaac was just a friend of Caitlin’s at nursery who happened to be a boy, so she called him her ‘boyfriend’ but I still wanted to quiz him on his intentions.

It was also the summer that my daughters went on an aeroplane for the very first time.

My pockets were full of sweets and my bag had crayons and colouring-in books (or bribes), but I needn’t have worried, the girls were both brilliant.

And finally, this summer meant I had to do some shopping of a different kind. I wasn’t in the supermarket buying food or in HMV treating myself to an album or DVD, but instead I was in a shop buying Caitlin her first school uniform. Suddenly I feel quite old.

A brilliant summer is now over, but not to worry, Christmas is just around the corner.